When will #3 approximately launched?

Well, i luv DT/DN… and i want to buy!
But not yet during a point10 version, with the risk of pay-update in some weeks…
So does anybody know when #3 will released???

BTW: its really nice, that i can test with an “use-hour-countdown”!!! Thank you!!!

BTW2: Is there a comparision-sheet between DT/DN, for me DN is maybe enough, i just could miss tables. (is there a way for “column” the view of a text???)

Sorry, but we don’t comment on timeframes for development. It won’t be released “soon” but even so, there would be a reasonable grace period for recent purchases.

If DN refers to DEVONnote, that is a very light version and a small subset of DEVONthink’s functions. I suggest you look at DEVONthink instead, and decide if you need multiple database. If you do, you need Pro, at a minimum.

A comparison matrix of the editions is here: devontechnologies.com/produ … rison.html

And no, there is no column to display the text of a document.

Thanks for the comporsion-sheet.

I think DN has all i need (except tables). The deeper functiontionality i do not use/need.

Will you make public, when the grace period beginns?

I’m sure it will be mentioned when we announce the next major version is for sale.

Oh no, not the “When will DevonThink be updated” debate again! :frowning:

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@Allsop: Haha! It’s all good. :smiley:

@BLUEFROG: Your link yields this result: “This is Not the Page You’re Looking For”.
Please revert with current comparison URL.