Where are backups located?


I am a DTPO user, and I am helping my friend who has been using DTPO on my recommendation. He opened his only database yesterday and it is empty. I’m trying to help him and we can’t find the weekly backups. We’ve found some cached data but we are unable to import that into a new database. Do you have any suggestions of what we can do?

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This is unfortunate.

Backups do not include user data – your documents, files, etc., are not automatically backed up by DEVONthink. This is what is include in a backup (this note is copied from DEVONthink > Preferences > Backup):

The data kept by Backup is stored inside the database itself. (Databases are a type of folder called a “package”.) If the database is deleted, then the backups are gone.

For more information, see the “Backup” topic in DEVONthink Help.

There is not much that the forum readers can do to help locate a deleted database. If you believe there is an error with DEVONthink, I suggest you open a ticket directly with Support (here or here or support_at_devontechnologies_dot_com), where you can get faster personalized attention than the forum. Please save relevant console messages, and DEVONthink crash logs, and forward them to Support.