Where are my orignal opml files?

Yesterday is exported files from notetaker, an no longer maintained application, to opml. The opml I can use with omnioutliner. I put the opml in Devonthink 3. And today it is missing. Instead I find a group-tree with the contents of the opml files, alas mangeld That is: wrong order. I cannot find the original opml-file in Devonthink. I did not say convert and I cannot find any setting in preferences to control this, unwanted, behavior. I no longer have the file outside Devonthink. So where is my ORIGINAL opml-file. Which I want in Devonthink, but not converted :-(. It just belongs to a project. I’m hoping it is still there since with PDF conversion the original stays around. Anyone?

OPML files are converted upon import as they’re usually used to exchange data between various apps, e.g. outliners or RSS readers. But DEVONthink shouldn’t delete the original file in the Finder on its own. Or did you enable the option to move the original to the trash in the File > Import > Files & Folders… panel?

I did not use import. Just drag and drop. It looks like Devonthink never imported the file in the first place, but converted it right away. The original outside Devonthink in finder was deleted by me because, up until now, I had no reason the mistrust Devonthink. I cannot find the original file in Devonthink. Nor any setting to control this behavior.

I created Groups named archive in Devonthink and dumped a lot of files in those directories just to be able to tag them end search them if necessary. If I find something useful I can replicate it to a current project. But the whole point of an archive is to keep the originals.It’s fine if you OCR PDF’s and the like. But don’t touch the originals. Diskspace is not a problem nowadays.

A little off topic from your main issue, but in the hope that it might be helpful: there’s a new version of Notetaker on the way. According to the developers, it should be available very soon:


Thnx, but that notice has been there for the past 3 years.

And temporary files not living in /tmp /var or /temp or having tildes in their names or other markers is new for me. Anyway I have a backup and learned something. But I do feel disconcerted. What other surprises are in store within Devonthink? What Devonthink does with OPML may be fine for RSS-feeds. But not in this case. And that may have to do with the format of the file. I found out that native omnioutliner files are left alone and when browsing yoy still see something of the content. So I use these.
It might be handy if after processing the OPML files are put in the trash. At least someone who does not exactly know, but who does, how the software works, e.g. me, has an escape. :-). Case closed thnx for the replies.