Where are the Backup files stored ?


I am a recent user.
I read on this forum that the Backup files should be there :
The Backup folders are inside /YourHome/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink

But there are only scripts files in that folder.

I can see that I have 4 backups when I do “Restore Database” within Devon Think Pro, but I can’t find any on my computer (Spotlight search).

Devon Think Pro 1.0.2 and Tiger 10.4.5

Thank you in advance.


They are typically stored inside the database itself. So go to your database file, right click->show package contents, and you can see the backup database in there.


Thanks. Frederic had seen the location of internal Backup folders for DEVONthink Personal, and that’s different from DT Pro.

Of course, in addition to internal backups, I recommend external backups as well. DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive provides a convenient way to backup the database to any desired location, including external drives. And this is the smallest possible backup archive, with the date appended to the file name. Remember my motto: Belt + suspenders! :slight_smile:

With a typical Apple Mouse, that right click business does not work.

With Tools > restore backup, I get a very limited choice: not the one I need in any case, and not all backups I ordered the app to make via Tools > backup and optimize. I accidentally overwrote file A with file B when I had to do the reverse. I cannot find any meaningful backup, though, despite my trust in Tools > Backup and optimize.

At least Control-clicking should work. But the number of archived backups depends on the preferences (3 by default).

But it seems that if you make 3 backups on one day, it doe snot preserve these - but one of that day and some older ones? That is something I did not expect, and which I cannot seem to influence either. I would prefer it to preserve just the latest backups, that’s why I ran Tools > Backup.

Actually both automatic backups and Tools > Backup & Optimize should only archive the latest backups. What does happen if you use Tools > Backup & Optimize and then check the dates in the Tools > Restore Backup… panel?

Problem is that I had not realised that backups are internal now. I’m sure that changed a long way back, and I must not have noticed. So I finally understand what happened: when I stupidly overwrote the correct file with the wrong one, I also overwrote the internal backups.

Normally, I do this with archiving, but not with DT databases because of their size and my limited space on the iBook.

Hi there,

There seems to be an option to ‘choose’ the destination of the backup via preferences -> backup. However this is not activated (at least not in my version (pro 1.1.1)). Does this have any use or is an external backup (outside the database) only possible via the scripts?

This option is not yet available, the only possibility is therefore to use scripts.

OK, meanwhile the scripts work fine and the ‘not yet’ sounds good as well. :smiley: