Where can I input coupon code to buy DEVONthink?

I create a account in https://www.devontechnologies.com/ ,
and I find students have discount, so I applied.
The discount is 20%:

But I find that " Buy DEVONthink or DEVONagent Pro for 25% off with the coupon code SUMMERFEST2021"
DEVONtechnologies | SummerFest .

So I want to ask that where can I input this coupon code? I can’t find it in the “Your card” page.

You could try to empty your cart. Then use the SummerFest link to add DEVONthink to your cart again. This way the coupon should be applied.

As far as I know it’s not possible to mix discounts, i.e. you can’t use SummerFest and a student discount together.

thank you, but it not works.

I know. I think the SummerFest price is lower than student’s. 25%>20% (Sorry for my poor English)

Try this:

  • Visit the normal DEVONthink product page
  • Click “buy” and choose your edition
  • Click “Do you have a coupon code?”

If you don’t see that question then try to remove the student info from your account and try again.

Thank you, I tried open another web browser (Safari), and go to the SummerFest page without login. It works.:joy:

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