Where can I see the Reminders in DTTG

I want to check the Reminders of a certain item/doc. But I cannot find it in the info panel/tab of the item/doc in DTTG. Where can I see the Reminders in DTTG?

I don’t see the feature in the app, nor the word “reminder” in the DEVONthink ToGo Manual (3.6.0 version). I suspect not available.

When I set a reminder about a DEVONthink document, I send it to the app “Things” using the script provided in DEVONthink. Things displays the reminder on the iOS device(s) and macOS device(s) Other reminder-apps possible, including Apple “Reminders” which you no doubt already have on Mac and iOS device(s).

As mentioned, this can not be accessed in DTTG
My solution is a script that copies such information to my task list;
a spreadsheet stored in Devonthink, sync’d to DTTG
Task list items are hyperlinked to the corresponding note

The script is auto-scheduled each morning,
providing me a refreshed task list to work with

Reminders are not supported in DEVONthink To Go at this time.

Thanks for all the reply. I don’t use the reminder to set reminder or to set todo list. I instead send it to the Apple Reminders app instead if the item need to be reminded, to be added to todo list.

I use the reminder dates for Space Repetitive System (SRS). So, I was thinking to access/change the dates while I am in DTTG. It seems that I have to do it in DT.

If the Reminder item is in Apple Reminders, then don’t you want to change the date there and not back in DEVONthink or DEVONthink ToGo? Neither have a link back to Apple Reminders for the task but the link to the DEVONthinkg document remains in the Reminder.

Currently, I am using DT reminders to add to Reading list for my SRS reading/learning. After reading/learning, I use Rating to rate on my understanding/learning, which will set the next date I should review this item/doc.

I could use your suggestion, thus dropping Reading list and DT reminders totally, simply use Rating to set Apple Reminders for my next reading/learning.

You started off with Reminders in DEVONthink ToGo, now into Reading List, Reminders, and Rating. Well more complex than i ever considered. On you go :wink: