Where did files go??????

I scan using Fujitsu S300M into DTPO v2.0.7. S300M settings are: Application>Devonthink Pro, Save>/Users//Pictures/ScanSnap_Temp
File Format>*.PDF

My workflow is scan to the Inbox, rename the file 110131_BankStatement_GH, and move it to the proper Group in DTPO. Once those are scanned, I either add the papers to a box to be shredded or stamp it with a rubber stamp “Scanned” and file it in a file cabinet if I want the original hard copy too.

I went to look for a file today in DTPO and it’s not there!!! Files from the past week are ALL GONE. Not in the database or in the Files.noindex in the Finder. I have the original hard copy in hand with a “Scanned” stamp, so I know it’s been put into DTPO. I’ve deleted the files (secure delete) from the /Users//Pictures/ScanSnap_Temp folder.

When I right-click on an existing file in DTPO and show in Finder, it’s there (Files.noindex>pdf>…, and I expect my others to be there as well!!!

It’s one thing that DTPO ‘lost track’ of them in the internal database, but were are the actual PDFs on my Hard Drive?

I just scanned a new batch of papers and they are there in the Files.noindex, so my workflow hasn’t changed.

I have done a TimeMachine backup on 2/20/2011, but I scanned about 50 documents on 2/22/2011 and NONE of them are in DTPO, and have been shredded (with the exception of ~10 that are marked Scanned.)

DTPO has been my “Trusted System” for several years, but no more. :cry:

An update. Apparently I have two copies of the same .dtBase2 on my computer (how the ‘old’ one opened I have no idea). I closed all open databases (File>Close Database), Quit DTPO, rebooted my computer, relaunched DTPO and clicked on Open and got this error message:

The database you are trying to open seems to be either in use by another instance of DEVONthink Pro Office or has not been closed properly the last time it was used. Press ‘Continue’ to open the database anyway if you are sure it is not in use by another copy of DEVONthink Pro Office.

Since DTPO is not running, there is no way it can be in use by another copy. I’ve since removed the ‘outdated’ database from my computer entirely.