Where did the name DEVONthink come from?

I read something that it has something to do with the Devonian period, but that’s all I’ve been able to find.

The Web page states

Devonian (after Devon County, England), the geologic period from 410 to 360 million years ago. Also called the Reptile Age or Age of Fishes. First amphibians appeared on the land, that until then was only inhabited by trees and other plants — it was the departure into a new age.

We’ve named our artificial intelligence (AI) technology after the Devonian as for us it marks the departure into a new age too.

(DEVONtechnologies | About Us, section “Yes, We Do Love Science”)


Oh, and besides, your question was a nice example for use cases where DEVONagent can be useful. I found this info (which, admittedly, I could perhaps have found just by clicking around on http://devontechnologies.com a bit) by using the query

DEVONThink AND ~name AND Devonian OPT Interview OPT DEVONtechnologies

(because I thought I remembered an interview about it somewhere), and that got me to DEVONtechnologies | Devonian Times × 2 .


Cool, thanks. That’s what I need to do is get better at using DEVONagent.