Where do I create new tags?

Just spent 5 minutes poking around, looking in Help, and cannot figure out where I go and what I do to create a new tag.

Similarly, cannot figure out if User-defined tags (not groups) can be hierarchical or not.


EDIT: Ok, I type into the “tag bar” at the bottom. I was expecting some menu-like thing. And I can apparently make them hierarchical my dragging and arranging them below “Tags” (but still no menu indication).

But I am now confused. If I drag-drop a user-defined tag T1 below another user-defined tag T2, I get two copies (?) of tag T1. Why?

And if I do “Move to” context menu to move T1 to T2, then T1 no longer looks like a tag, but now looks like a Folder.

I’m not sure I understand this at all. Illumination appreciated!

Hi, Sophie. I’m going to assume you are relatively new to the program. If not, I misunderstood the question and I apologize for telling you what you probably already know.

Groups and tags are essentially the same thing. Whenever you put an item into a group, it is tagged with the name of that group unless you specifically have told the program not to do this (by choosing “Exclude from Tagging” in the group’s context menu). So all groups which you have not excluded from tagging are also tags.

You will also note that by default the item is tagged not only with the new group to which you have assigned it, but with all of the groups above it in the hierarchy. So, yes, groups/tags can be hierarchical.

There is, indeed, a special “Tags” group but this is really there for easy access to user-defined tags. But don’t be confused. The group doesn’t have to be under this heading to be a tag. It can be anywhere. Should you put one “tag” there inside another, the program automatically changes the icon of the highest tag in the hierarchy to a folder. But this is really just a matter of semantics. Fundamentally, both items are still the same and both are still tags (and groups).

The tags bar doesn’t have a menu but it does have auto-completion which, in my opinion, is better. Type part of a name of one or more existing tags/groups and those groups will pop up in a menu above the bar. You can complete the name you are looking for yourself, choose it from the menu and hit tab to complete it, or continue typing to create a new tag/group altogether.

I hope this helps. The developers apparently try to let users do things in multiple ways with DT. The complexity is wonderful and the program is very adaptable to the way that individuals wish to use it. But that complexity sometimes can create confusion for new users. The “tags” and “groups” terminology seems to be one of those situations.

Tom S.

Thank you, Tom S.

This is not what happened. See the attached image – I have a folder icon within a tags icon, and a tags icon within a tags icon. I understand the tags / groups naming (thanks for clarifying), but not the stuff I see in the UI.

In fact, at this moment I cannot get “tag” icons to change into “folder” icons along the way you outlined. Perhaps I encountered a bug?
Picture 1.png

OK, I can’t get it to work, either. So I think I must not have seen things right. Sorry.

I don’t know what you are describing (if I understand it right) is a “bug” or a “feature”. :slight_smile:

Tom S.

Also, I don’t see why the tag bar shows all PARENT groups / tags as well? They are not editable (although the UI allows you to edit them just fine), and they are always implied by the group / tag structure. If shown at all, the parents should only appear as something like a pop-up on the LEAF group/tag (like the OSX Finder does for the folder on its title bar).