Where do the NOTES to a PDF (Clip to Devonthink) go?

I am sorry to post such a silly question. But please tell me how I can see the notes I put in the box (black) that pops up when I use the Clip to Devonthink extension (in Safari). I clip a web page as a pdf. I add some notes in the NOTE box. When I open the pdf in Devonthink Pro Office, it looks fine. But I can’t find the note. Although Devonthink tells me the file is pdf + text. I feel as if I am overlooking something absurdly simple, but there it is. Please explain where that note is!

It’s in the Comments section of the Info popup (the encircled “i” at the upper right).

Thank you! I was misled by the words: Looking for “Notes”, I completely failed to consider “Comments” as a candidate!

You’re welcome! :smiley: