Where does that Note go? - clip to DTP

Hello all,

Quick (silly?) question.

When I clip out of Chrome, to DTP - and it pulls up the clip menu - if I enter something into the Note part of that menu, where can I retrieve that from later?

Clip to DEVONthink at 8.28.58 AM.png

Obscured partially below the yellow floating info box, is the filename - and to the right og it, is that little grey/gray bubble icon, presumably(?) indicating that a note is attached - so where is the text entered into the Note box stored?

Much obliged!

It goes into “Spotlight Comments”, which you might view in Tools > Show Info…, or by displaying that column in a database view.

Thanks korm! I (now) know the 1st one [Spotlight comments - very useful!], but am missing you on the latter - what do you mean by “displaying that column in a database view?”

If you are using a View with column headers, right-click a header and choose Spotlight Comment.

Ah - much obliged!