Where is AI Slider???

From the Blog:

“To improve the predictability of the AI results, open DEVONthink’s Preferences, General tab, and adjust the Mood slider from “Moody” to “Stable” (see the picture to the right). Choose the setting that best fits your needs.”

I have the latest version (2.0 beta 4) and yet this slider is not showing up. Where is it???

Please check the date :wink:

Clicking “About” reveals the splash screen, which denotes 2.0b4
Checking for new updates reveals I have the most current version.

You’ve run into a chicken-egg-problem. You desperately need high AI assistance, yet you can’t activate it without it. Wisdom needs patience. :smiley:

…Or maybe a good look at the Calendar… :slight_smile:

Well duh and ouch!!! Don’t I have egg on the face :frowning: