Where is DeVille?

Hello DT,

All right. I can’t hold it anymore. Do you guys know how Master Deville is doing? Is he okay? Not working for DT anymore? I miss his presence.

Jy Yun

Back on 21 January I made the mistake of going out to my vehicle to bring in some dog food, during a freezing rain. Slipped on ice and broke my right arm.

Then, a couple of weeks later, started having some atrial fibrillation issues - a heart condition that’s very treatable nowadays, and is being well managed by medication. I’m feeling fine, and can now type with both hands.

But for the past some weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time in doctor’s waiting rooms, getting X-Rays, tests, physical therapy and so on - definitely a departure from my normal lifestyle. :slight_smile:

And during all this my roofing contractor arrived and has finished installing a new (expensive!) metal roof on my cabin. I’m pleased with the results - see picture.

I will be resuming a normal level of activity on the forum and Support tickets over the next few days. DEVONtechnologies has been releasing exciting applications and enhancements so far this year, with more to come, so I’ll be having a good time.

Spring has arrived in Brown County. Blue sky, bright sunlight, the daffodils are blooming madly, buds are appearing on the trees and, if the weather forecasts hold, I’ll probably need to switch to air conditioning on Thursday. I love the march of the seasons.
Metal roof.JPG

Welcome home, Bill. Glad you’re feeling better. That cabin in the woods sure looks inviting, too. :wink:

Strange. The cabin in the photo does’t look like a place in the US. Somehow it reminds me a countryside home in my homeland (Korea). :slight_smile:

That is a very enviable cabin!
I’m glad to hear you are doing fine now, take care!