Where is the annotating ability?

This is a stupid question, I know. But, where is the annotating toolbar, menu option, or whatever? I am using DTP 2.0pb7. If I open a PDF, or a PDF+text, I don’t see any tools or resources for annotating PDFs, anywhere. Am I missing something or is this feature not in DTP? I see lots of documentation and talk about it so I must be going mad, right?

First, make certain that the Toolbar is visible (View > Show Toolbar).

Now choose View > Customize Toolbar. There are three items related to PDF annotation. If they are not already present, drag them onto your Toolbar.

Good grief, when is DT going to provide a second tool bar so we can add more items? My toolbar is already pretty full and adding those three makes it run off the right side of the screen and out the door… :smiling_imp:

Only if you are into annotating PDFs. Personally, I hardly ever mark up my references. :slight_smile:

You already have multiple toolbars available, limited only by the document types in the database. Each document type has its own, independently customizable, toolbar. I only have toolbar commands in the primary toolbar that are more universal in scope-delete, group, label, etc. Instead of putting items in the primary toolbar that have contextual functionality (the annotating commands for PDFs, the markup commands for text documents, etc.), I open a document in its own, document-type specific window, and customize the toolbar for that document type.

If you prefer to edit, markup, annotate, etc. documents directly in the document pane of the 3-pane view, then this tip is of little use. I use 3-pane almost entirely, but when I want to edit documents I always open them in their own window.

found it, thanks!

I think the issue is that it would be useful to be able to have multiple rows of toolbars, which I can’t seem to do at this point. So I’m with twicks a bit on this one.

I couldn’t help remembering a screenshot of Microsoft Word published some years ago, that included all the possible toolbar and other display options turned on. There remained only a tiny area in which to enter text. :slight_smile:

Like this?


Many thanks, Greg. I’ve added that image to my collection of Microsoft sins. :slight_smile:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That’s a good one, Greg!

I don’t know about what Bill remembers seeing but I recall a similar screenshot taken of the bloated menu bars on an original-series Mac (I forgot what the screen size was) and the text entry field didn’t even extend completely across the window; it was just a little square perhaps 2" x 3".