Where is the API?

I would like to write a plugin for making bookmarks available in DEVONagent from another application, such as Safari bookmarks are available.

But I cannot find the documentation (API). I would appreciate someone responding with a link.

Thank you,

Jerry Krinock

Look in DEVONagent > Help under the Home > Documentation > Plugin Development topic. Also, browse any of the plugins in the Plugins folder inside the DEVONagent applications package to see how DEVONtech developed their own plugins.

Thank you, korm. The documentation you referred me to seems to be all about creating a plugin to search websites using DEVONagent Pro. That is not what I want to do. I want bookmarks from another application, locally stored on the Mac, to appear in DEVONagent Pro, as Safari bookmarks appear in DEVONagent Pro.

Is is possible?

I’m not a developer, but my guess is that DEVONagent Pro is simply making a call to a procedure in OS X that Apple includes to allow capture of bookmarks from another browser, such as Safari or Firefox.

In which case, the question would become whether or not you can get Safari to capture those bookmarks into its collection of bookmarks. If so, they can be added to DEVONagent Pro’s list of bookmarks from Safari.

Safari has a command, File > Import Bookmarks, to capture bookmark files from the Finder.

Thank you, Bill.

I understand the workaround you propose. It’s kind of a kludge. Since my app can write Camino and OmniWeb bookmarks too, and hardly anyone uses Camino or OmniWeb any more, a slightly less kludgey solution would be users to export my app’s content to Camino, and then import in DevonAgent click in the menu FileImportCamino Bookmarks.

@jerrykrinock – perhaps if you could mention your app, someone here has solved the export/import problem before?

My app is BookMacster.