Where is the input for "referrer" stored?

With bookmarklets there is a referrer field that can be used - that sound helpful in remembering how I found some content. I can add it to a bookmarklet (it’s in the examples on the DT website). I hoped it would be stored somewhere, but I can’t find no trace of it. Is it stored somewhere or is it only used to do other things (like downloading items?)

EDIT: digging in the forums a bit, it seems the referrer was added to prevent downloads not working due to a wrong or missing referrer. I still hope I’d be able to find / store this field somewhere as it would be rather useful in my view (althoug I can see this might be rather niche)

The referrer is only used for downloading (as some websites require a valid referrer).

Thanks for clarifying. And I realized that (obviously) I can ofcourse just add document.referrer from JavaScript to the comment field of an item…

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