Where is the Mail Plugin for DEVONthink Pro?

I got another Mac and I cannot find it? I looked under “Download our apps” and “Extras” and “Legacy” and I don’t see it anywhere? Searching the site doesn’t find it either.

I ran across this article mentioning that it needs to be reinstalled under Mojave (which I am on now), but no link to it?


Also, “Manage Plugins” is not on the Mail / Preferences / General screen at the bottom, as shown in the above article. I don’t see anything about Plugins anywhere in Mail. I’ve attached a screenshot.



OK, after more reading, now I realize this is installed from within DEVONthink Pro, with “Install Add-ons” but it is called “Apple Mail Rule Scripts” not “Mail Plugin”.

However, I ran that and nothing happened that I could see.

I tried closing Mail, trying the install (no indication of anything) and re-opening Mail.

Still no “Manage plugins” on the General screen of Mail Preferences.

Very frustrating.

That is incorrect. Mail Rule Scripts are not the plugin. There is no Apple Mail plugin with DEVONthink Pro, only Pro Office.

”Manage Plugins” doesn’t appear unless there are bundles available to manage, which there aren’t since you don’t have Pro Office to install it.

OK I started down this path because when I drag and drop emails from Mail to DEVONthink Pro, I often get a error message saying the import failed. So I thought I need to reinstall something.