Where is the scroll bar when viewing PDFS within the built in viewer window?

Where is the scroll bar when viewing PDFS within the built in viewer window? When I am scrolling through large PDFs with many pages, I have to swipe for ages. Isn’t there a scroll bar so I can quickly scroll to the end?

You can…

  • Use the Tools > Inspectors > Content > Thumbnails inspector.
  • Select Go > to Page or click the page count in the Navigation bar over the view/edit pane and set a page.
  • Press Command-down arrow to jump to the last page, Command-up arrow for the first page.

Thanks @BLUEFROG . Various workarounds, but none ideal. Why is there no scroll bar for the PDF window? I don’t want to have to enable the thumbnails inspector every time I want to scroll down a big document! I also don’t want to jump to a specific page. The command-down arrow shortcut doesn’t seem to work.

Development would have to respond on the scrollbar question. It’s out of my wheelhouse.

What zoom are you using on the PDF?

Zoom is set to “zoom to fit”.

I’m confused - I have a scroll bar in the built in viewer window; see image above. It appears as soon as I start to scroll using an appropriate gesture on my trackpad //Edit: and then move the mouse pointer across to where you would expect the scrollbar to be :wink: //Edit of the edit: if you have uncovered the scroll bar for that record once, it will reappear every time you scroll that record until you view the next record.

The scrollbar does appear with Zoom to Fit but it does not with Zoom to Width.

I have a scroll bar too :blush: It behaves the same as other scroll bars on Macs, and appears/disappears at will if you start the scroll gesture. Depending on your mood, this is either a nifty feature or quite irritating :joy::joy: When I first switched from Windows to Mac, it took me ages to get used to this.


One more reason why Devonthink is just the best ever is that you can even get around distractions like this by customizing the file background color. This decreases the contrast and will lessen the appearance of the bar when initiating scrolling.

I have this set to a dark blue (hex color 262C3D):


OK, I think I figured it out. Surprised no-one else knew. The scroll type needs to be set to “continuous scroll” to see the scroll bar. Shame if this is correct…I would love to have it scroll page by page, but still have the scroll bar. Can this be implemented @BLUEFROG ?

Perhaps the information provided was deficient. Or perhaps nobody else uses a single page view. Or perhaps ppl were just trying to be of assistance but hadn’t yet delved into every possible setting to try and recreate what you were describing. Who knows?

I feel this is one area where DTTG is superior - in single page view, a tap brings up a representation of pages across the bottom of the screen allowing for rapid visually aided swiping through the document to a given page.

I wonder whether something similar might be helpful in DT (rather than a simple scroll bar). What do you think?

How about Control-5? :thinking: :slight_smile:

Sure :wink: For long documents the thumbnail view in DT just isn’t quite as quick as the view bar in DTTG :slight_smile: But there is, I admit, an element of comparing apples with meteorites here - touch screen vs. keyboard/trackpad.

Hmm… it’s funny but here I have to touch my trackpad to make it do things, kinda like the screen of my iPad or iPhone :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh shut up* :crazy_face: I kinda thought I might not end up winning this one :wink:

* my Mum used to say that to me. It’s a kinda loving dig, I think. Not rude for sure :innocent:

Hahaha! No worries and no offense.
You want cheeky? This morning I can do cheeky - LOL :smiley:

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We’d better get back on topic, otherwise somebody will bar us or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Bring us back closer to the topic, when I change the view to “continuous scroll”, but then select another PDF, the scroll reverts back to page by page. Is there any way to get it to remember the scroll mode?

Edit: never mind, figured it out!

Then please be a good forum user and contribute to the mass of knowledge here, helping others: let others know how you did it :slight_smile:

Yes, normally I would, but I considered it too basic on this occasion!

To accomplish it, I went to the general Preferences menu, then the Files section, then the Multimedia tab, then the PDF Display setting and changed this to “single page continuous”.

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