where’s my license?

I ordered the upgrade from DT Pro to Office a few days ago as a Christmas present to me. Got the payment email from share-it, saying DT would deliver the product within 12 hours. It’s several days later and I still don’t have it.

So, I figured, well maybe it’s not automated and with the holidays there will be a slight delay. So I sent an email off to their support email addy. got an automated reply back they are out of the office until January 7th.

So what’s up, I pay my upgrade fee and then wait two weeks for delivery?

Sorry about that! We experienced server problems and now licences are being sent out as I write this. If you haven’t received it in a few hours, let us know. We’re still checking our email. :slight_smile:

Hi, Rick. Looks like the normally automated server got indigestion. I asked Annard today to check the status of the server and it was hung. Eric will be checking it out (he’s on Christmas holiday with his family).

Flash: As of 1:02 Central Time Zone, USA I got confirmation that the server is up and processing license code messages. There were hundreds in the queue, so it may take a little time to get yours.

Our apologies for the delay.

thanks guys, it just came in.

Figured it was something like that, and with folks out for the holidays it might not have gotten noticed. Appreciate you taking care of it.

Happy holidays.