Where to choose “Download Metadata Only”?

Hello. I am running DTTG on my iDevices. I just ordered a new iPhone with a much smaller capacity than my current one, with the hope of downloading from Dropbox on demand instead of having everything loaded onto my phone all the time.

I read in the help about the Always/On Demand choice, but I don’t see that option anywhere. Can you please tell me how to find it?


You choose this first of all for the sync location. When you set up syncing e.g. with iCloud you can choose whether you’d like to download everything or just on demand. You can also change this later when you go to Settings > Sync: Locations: Edit Locations, then tap Edit, and choose your location.

Later you can manually switch databases or even single groups that you want to keep always at hand to “Always” on their info screen.

Now I see… Thanks!