Where to download "Legacy version" of Evernote to migrate towards DT3?

When I try to import my Mac Evernote notebooks into DT3, I get this message in the DT3 log:

I can’t find anywhere to download legacy Evernote for Mac. The link on the evernote help site that everyone points me to (to download it) is a 404. I can’t put the link here because this forum won’t let me post a link.

Can anyone tell me how to find the legacy version of Mac Evernote?


Welcome @peakjason

Please see this blog article of ours…

Try the export from the public release of Evernote instead.

Thanks for your reply. I’d already followed these instructions before I posted (I should’ve mentioned that), and it resulted in DT3 producing the message about needing the legacy version of Evernote.

I have about a hundred Evernote notebooks so I’d rather not export each one manually, if there’s an automated way to do it. I am trying to find the Mac version of legacy Evernote. Thanks for any help.

There’s no automation without the Legacy version.
You tried importing the .ENEX file?

That’s simply because it is your first post. You’ll be able to add links and images later.

I eventually found a legacy version of Evernote 7 that worked from a link on Reddit… and this forum won’t let me post that link either, so anyone else who has this problem later will have to contact me (or find it themselves).

In doubt, DM me and I can post the link until you have been engaged enough here to post links yourself.

Internet Archive of Evernote: Evernote Legacy

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