Where to find icloud encryption key?

Hi newbie here, please someone help, I’m going nuts trying to find my iCloud Encryption key so that I can setup Location. Where do I find my iCloud encryption key? I feel really stupid but I’ve spent hours googling and reading so many posts but no one else has this problem while setting up system? Thank you for not laughing.

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You invent yourself your own encryption key. Secret only to you. You invent it, you find a way to “remember” it since it cannot be recovered from anyone or anywhere but from you and you alone. Plenty of guidance on the “internet” on how complex/long encryption keys can and/or should be. All completely up to you.

Remember: you have to be able to somehow or another “REMEMBER” your own invented encryption key.

I suggest using a password manager or Apples keychain to store the password.


me too.

Actually, if an encryption key has been specified it is already stored in Keychain Access.

See this…

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Does the encryption key have to be the same as your iCloud password in order for DEVONthink to sync with your iCloud account?

no. and make it sufficiently complex and unique. remember it.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: In addition to what @rmschne has rightly written, I would add that not only does it not have to be the same as your iCloud password, it explicitly shouldn’t be. Your iCloud password is your Apple account password and protects all that data which you entrust Apple with - who you called, your contacts, calendar, notes, messages, photos, backups and so on. Whilst 2FA will protect all that to a degree, I would argue that you should use a unique password for something so sensitive, and not reuse that password elsewhere (e.g. in DT).

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Thank you.

Your Keychain suggestion was very helpful with finding my forgotten encryption key. Thank you!

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Excellent and you’re very welcome! Glad it was helpful. :slight_smile: