Where to now with Leopard

I’ll readily admit that I thought the Quicklook and Coverflow features in the Leopard finder would be useless. But I’ve been convinced of their great benefit for organizing a lot of data. Now I’m left wondering what I will be using DTPO for. With Spotlight finally doing its job, locating documents is easy and fast too. The new preview allows for mark-up of my PDFs and boolean smart folders rock!

Now I’m considering just abandoning DTPO for my day to day needs and going back to the finder. I’ll still use DTPO for specific projects but I rarely need the auto-classify Ai for most of my stuff.

Has anyone else been lured back to the finder with the release of Leopard? [/url]

Interesting thought.

Maybe it’s just me, but the flipping action in cover flow is enough to drive me crazy. Quicklook is fine when looking at email attachments, I will admit, but normally I am not too concerned about content when it’s context that matters most (to me anyway). Put another way: I’ll likely never use quicklook to view inside a file within Finder, largely because I know what’s in it based on context (i.e., the folder it’s in, which drive, file name, etc.). I can see quicklook being useful for those who scatter files across a drive, but I’ve never been one to do that simply because tools like quicklook never existed and I prefer a little more structure. Filenames are not limited to 8 characters like in ‘days gone by’ so I can usually come up with a filename that pretty much gets it right with respect to content (and I deal with quite a bit of government regulation/legislation on an international level).

I’ll still take DTPO’s search and data organisation environment over Finder anyway. The recent post on the Devon Technologies blog points to a review that pretty much sums up my use of DTPO.