Where to put common resources for Markdown documents

DT supports Markdown, which is a major feature going for it. Even better DT provides support for custom styling through linking to a separate database-local CSS file. This is great, because when viewing my Markdown documents I don’t need to worry about external depencies.

When starting out I have created a group named “_resources” where I put my CSS files). Then I can choose in my Markdown documents without much thinking which CSS to use. Let’s say I write a household note, then I add to the top of my Markdown file

 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="_resources/househould.css">

If I write a study document, I add

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="_resources/study.css">

You get the idea. - Problem now is what to do when I start classifying document in groups? The links from the Markdown files to the CSS files are now broken. Absolute paths could fix this, but they do not work in DT. (I confirmed this with DT’s excellent support team.)

This bring me to my question: Where to put the CSS files when using groups for documents as well? - The CSS files are the same for all the documents I want to create, so a central location would be great. The closest thing I came up with is aliasing the “_resources” folder into every group I create. Any other ideas what to do?

And what do people do with images in a Markdown document? These are additional resources not common to multiple documents. Put them just along-side the Markdown document in the same group?

I’m curious about other people’s solutions!

An upcoming release will both support absolute paths and stylesheets referenced via item links (see Edit > Copy Item Link).

Thanks excellent. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Any ETA for this? Any ETA for this? 2.9.12 fixes/provides this for images, but not yet for CSS files in the link tag.

V2.9.13 will improve the CSS support but might require some more time.