Images for markdown documents

I did ask about where to put common resources for Markdown docs (see [url]Where to put common resources for Markdown documents]) - and we will get absolute paths for this in a future version of DEVONthink! :slight_smile:

Another question is where to put individual resources to a Markdown document: Images for example. I see multiple solutions:

  • Putting the images on the same level as the Markdown document. This is simple and clear, but clutters the group. Plus: How do you handle it when you move the document into another group? This breaks the links!

  • Putting the images in a common subfolder/group. Less clutter, but same problem with moving.

  • Putting doc and images in its own document-specific group. This group is named like the document. Moving is a breeze (you move the whole group), but you will end up with lots and lots of small groups.

  • On the same line: Using Textbundles. (See Does anybody have experience with this?

Another option is to use cross-links (see Edit > Copy Item Link). Creating such links is a little bit more work but the advantage is that you can file your stuff the way your prefer and that moving doesn’t break anything.

That’s a great idea! Works only for documents solely used inside DEVONthink, but really solves the moving issue. Cross-links seem to be the way to go. :slight_smile:

I discovered some restrictions to the use of x-devonthink-item links:

  • They do not work beyond database boundaries.
  • They do not work for CSS files.

Ok, the latter is beyond what was asked in this thread, but it still would be nice, wouldn’t it?

In any case, for images they work great.

Tell me what happens when the other database isn’t open?
And it’s not going to be obvious what database or file is missing from the reference URL, yeah?

Not saying, it can’t happen. I’m asking you to really think about whether you should do it.

Happens for me in both cases, whether the referenced DB is open or not.

It’s not a big thing really; just I have decide to create a separate database “archived” which collects oudated items (like old flight schedules etc), I normally do not want to search for. Because group excluson in search doesn’t work, I though moving outdated items into another database would get around this - but it does break the image links in Markdown.

Any plan to support TextBundle? would be a good solution to this issue.

I totally concur - particularly in absence of a working QuickLook plugin…(*)

(*) I tried Brett Terpstra’S QuickLook plugin, which is suppose to support Textbundles, but I had no luck with it yet (for Textbundles).