Where's my iCloud Back-up?


For the first time I have backed-up / synced my DT3 date to iCloud. During sync I saw a box in the bottom lefthand side of the screen showing the progress of the upload. However, when I look in finder on my iMac, I can see no sign of the backed up data. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is there a possibility it didn’t back-up (how would I know - not being able to be seen is perhaps a bit of a give away :man_shrugging:

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance

First, a sync to any cloud is NOT a backup. Please review the DEVONthink manual. The purpose of the sync is to make the databases available to other devices. When you attach to your iCloud account with another device and see the sync files (Menu: Preferences/Sync)?

I use Dropbox, not iCloud, so I can’t directly help you. I did a search on this forum and found Can't see remote iCloud databases

But: don’t rely on the sync file as a “back-up” as you suggest in your posting.

Welcome @Harlequin2500

@rmschne is correct about sync not being a backup.

That being said, the sync data is not stored in a location that is casually accessible. You will not see anything in iCloud Drive in the Finder.

Check System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud Storage > Manage and look for a DEVONthink To Go entry. That shows the space DEVONthink’s sync data is taking up on your account on Apple’s server (and should increase over time as iCloud uploads).

Hi. Many thanks for the quick responses @rmschne @BLUEFROG and for explaining. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: