where's services?

hey all,

I basically had a system failure and had to get a new iBook.  The technology people at my university recovered pretty much all of my data from my other computer, but they didn't copy over my applications for whatever reason. I started re-downloading what I was using and entering in license codes again.  I have DT Pro up and running again, but when I go to Safari, Devonthink Pro is not an option.  I use this a lot - can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.


The Services menu bar item has been renamed “•” to conserve menu bar space. :slight_smile:

Sorry…I’m lost. “.” ? Services in Safari is still listed under Safari>Services for me and I don’t see DevonThink Pro or “.” in there…

hey, at least I’m learning something new…

Now I get it! I was assuming that you were using HotServices 2.0 and didn’t see the Services item in the menu bar.

OK. You are not seeing DEVONthink Pro in Safari’s Services listing because you have just installed DT Pro in your Applications folder and have not logged out/logged in or rebooted your computer.

Remedy: Log out/log in or reboot. That’s required to initialize Services for newly added applications.