Which email program works best with Devonthink

I have been using Airmail for a number of years, Overall I like it as much as I need to. But it does not seem to work as well with Devonthink as the Mail program by Apple does.

It would not be that hard to switch and I am willing to if that is the best way to go. I don’t use or like Outlook or the other email program that I have seen referenced but forget it seem right now. If air mail is not going to do what I need, then my next choice would be Apple Mail.

One thing that is important to me is being able to get a link to an email. That way I can use it with not only Devonthink but also other programs. But I haven’t seen where that is easily done within Mail. Airmail can give me the link real easily. I did read that there is an apple script that will make this easier so I’m happy to use that.

I also have Hook. But I’m not fully convinced that it is necessary. Devonthink has its own links, so I’m not sure that would be a real advantage to me. But I do have it in case it is.

While I’m at it here, I do have MacSparky’s Field guide for Devonthink. It is spectacular. And he talks about Apple Mail. If there are other resources that would help, I’d appreciate a suggestion. So far it is looking to me like Apple Mail is the best answer. I am open to ideas here.

Apple Mail, in my opinion, is the best to use with DEVONthink. Can simply drag mails into DEVONthink, with links. And they provide a plug-in for archiving and importing from Mail.

As linking to an email important to you, that also easily done with Mail. Just drag and drop into other apps. If the other apps “accept” the link then it works.

Built in to the macOS and other apps not really required.

But of course, all this a matter of opinion. But me, I wouldn’t bother looking around for another email program and instead focus on other things.

As for other resources, the best, in my opinion, are the free documents you can get provided by DEVONtechnologies. The manual for DEVON think is outstanding, and there is an e-book “Take Control of DEVONthink” which DEVONtechnologies provides. See both at DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras


I use Apple Mail with my Mac and iPad
It just works :slightly_smiling_face:
Has integrated scripting via Applescript

My email is archived in Devonthink
and purged from any email clients
If I need to use the DT email record I can open it in the Mail app


MailMate is also excellent works seamlessly with DT and Omnifocus.


Excellent. Thank you for your thoughts. This is really helpful. I have already begun moving to Apple Mail.

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Good. Keep in mind you may not have to “move” right away. If you use IMAP and/or Exchange mail servers you can connect Apple Mail to those servers while still using your current mail app. Then abandon the old email when ready.

For technical/academic-bureaucrat reasons we have Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook running and in simultaneous use on our macOS and iOS devices in this household. Pity, but that’s the way it goes with older devices and academic bureaucracies.