Which format for notes to in-text search on DTTG?

I know there are many posts about both which format for notes to choose and the fact the DTTG doesn’t support yet in-text search except for files in pdf format.

I really need to use DTTG to search inside my notes, is there any workaround/format/companion app I could use to have the chance to perform that ?

AFAIK, DT and DTTG search inside any text document. Where they don’t search is in the comments.

Where do you see that documented by DEVON Technologies? They will want to correct that “non-fact”.

Perhaps I expressed myself wrongly, I did not say that there is no in-text search, but that when opening the document in .md/.rtf is not possible to search inside the note where that text is located

You are right, DTTG in my iPhone with MD format cannot search inside the document. However, if a MD contains the search term, it shows the file when searching, but when you open it, you cannot search.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I’m referring to. I’m looking for suggestion/workarounds to at least compensate the lack of this feature: e.g. open the file in an external editor/app ? In light of this, is there a format better than the other considering the fact that my notes often includes pictures too ?

For MD in iPad, I use IA Writer, but always from outside DTTG. I suppose that using Open In from DTTG will do the job.

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Only the iOs edition is 60 euros I don’t know if It is worth it … I can’t even try it, there isn’t an ios trial.

I’ve had similar thoughts but doesn’t seem worth $50 USD to me.

Wow!!! It costed me a lot less. No, 60 USD/EUR is too much for that application.

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Did you find any alternative solution ?

There are many editors in the App Store. I have used Textastic for many years. Stops the test of time for me.

Yes but it may be usefull to find one that bring back any edit to DTTG, and I think that even if iA does this, not all the editors perform that.

You can use any editor that works with the Files app on iOS. Like Textastic, iAWriter. But NOT Drafts, unfortunately. They are using their own silo. Though it’s possible to integrate with DT(TG), it’s not as smooth as with the other editors.