Which NAS Specs & Brand works best for DevonThink 3?

Well, some people mention the work on Synology, tips on the community before, but as far as I know no one mention on other NAS brand, I wonder which type of NAS work best with DT3?


There is no marketing claims of “Works great with DEVONthink!!!” from any NAS manufacturer… though I suppose we’d be happy and flattered if someone did :smiley:

The Synology NASes are the most popular ones in our userbase. They also have good support pages and instructions about many facets of its operation, not just WebDAV services (which is what you’d use with DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go).

Occasionally, you’ll hear QNAP mentioned but the last reports I recall were about problems with WebDAV after firmware updates. That is anecdotal and a small sample from our environment so take that with a grain (or three) of salt.

My first NAS (after decades with Linux boxes) was Drobo. Trashed it after a year or so. Switched to Synology 420j a number of years ago. Happy with it. Lots of useful apps. WebDAV syncing for DEVONthink works fine for many years with no attention. As it does serving as a backup storage site for TimeMachine and Carbon Copy Cloner file copies. Not a place to store DEVONthink databases. I have a umber of scheduled tasks that are executed by that box on my behalf.

There is no best but Synology works and allows you to focus on more valuable things.

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Ahh, the days of Drobo. It was once quite the boutique item and used by a lot of audio/visual pros. Not sure what happened over time but…

I think they were a bunch of hardcore hardware people with looking at every aspect of their business and products through the lens of hardware.