Which to go with? DTPO or DTP + Mariner Paperless?

Hi all,

I’d like to go “paperless” for my home office.

Which would you go with?

 The full DTPO + scansnap scanner.
 DTP + Mariner Paperless + scansnap scanner

I think I’d use DTP for a lot of other stuff besides receipts.
Do any of you have experience with both? Is it good to keep
receipts completely separate from DTP?

Much thanks!

I have tried Mariner’s Paperless and found it a complete joke and almost useless (I have a license from a bundle).

The OCR functionality is less than rudimentary and to me it seemed the software is not much more than a folder for jpgs and a few comments.

I would recommend you to go for DTPO and enjoy a lot more robust functionality.

This is just my personal opinion and I would be interested if others had a different experience with Paperless.

Thanks for the reply! That’s kind of how I’m leaning…although, I did also buy a copy earlier of Paperless (but haven’t installed it yet.)

Which scanner do you recommend? I’ve been going back & forth between the S300m and the S1500m.

I currently use Eaglefiler. I really like how easy it is to capture webpages with the F1 key. In fact, that’s about all I store in Eaglefiler. I made about 20 smartfolders with keyword searches, and just capture interesting pages into the main bin. It is a sluggish app though in general, but very good otherwise.

I was looking at Together to store “all other stuff” besides webpages, but it seems maybe I just need an all-in-one best solution (DTPO.) Together has some really clean UI, but there are definitely some issues with it: You can edit webarchives, but there is no easy way to highlight text (which Devonthink does.) Also, searches don’t highlight the matches, or have back/forward buttons. One really nice thing it does have though is a little dropdown that lets you pick the zoom % for the given page. I found a similar way to do it in DTPO, but it’s with hotkeys.


Funny that you asked. I literally just bought me a used S510 (the S1500’s predecessor) an hour ago on Ebay and until then I was going back and forth as well. The price for it was just good, so I went for the larger one, but from what I have read here they both do a great job and should definitely be working fine enough for all home use. The software package of the S1500 is better, though. The other question is if you need it, once you have DTPO.

So I cannot help you there.

I have given Together a test run as well before I chose DTP. It’s really nice software, but DTP has just so much more power regarding searching and finding stuff. The learning curve is a bit steeper, though…

I am afraid I can’t help you with your decision, but a test drive should help you see clearer…