Which version of ABBYY in DTPO and updates of OCR engine


I’ve seen a few upgrades of ABBYY fine reader have been release by the Editor, the current version being

In DTPO, I can’t find the version of the OCR engine but as it is not checked in the adds-on installer, this means that there is no newer version of the engine packed with DTPO (according to your FAQ).

If I look into the DevonThink 2 folder in Application support, I see that the various file in the ABBYY folder are from 2008!

Does this means that DTPO does not provide updates to ABBYY? Is this a question of licences that Devon would have to pay for the updated OCR engine?

I would like to have more details on this please, as I can’t find anything in the FAQ or DTPO help.

Thank you, Stéphane

The problem is: this is the most recent version of the ABBYY OCR engine for the Mac. On Windows they’re at version 10.x, on the Mac 8.x is the most recent one, we are afraid.

Yes, but you are talking about major versions.
Since the release of Mac version 8.0, there has been a few updates for the ABBYY Fine Reader desktop applications, but I didn’t see these updates coming into the DTPO update package. Or it happens silently in the background…

That’s the reason why I wanted to know how to find the actual version of the OCR Engine bundled with DTPO and suggest that you communicate on that.

Thank you, Stéphane