Whn my iMac is being repaired and reinstalled - what happens with new data filed on other devices?

Hi, my iMac which has the original DT databases crashed, I brought it to the repair station and will have it back in two weeks.

If I manage to restore everything on my iMac from TimeMachine, what will happen to the new files I add to my iPad or iPhones during the period of repair? Will the data on the secondary devices be transferred to the iMac syncstore without a problem?


As other posts indicated, the data sync will resume when your Mac is restored

I use a cloud sync-store; sync is not interrupted by any device being offline

This shouldn’t be an issue, it’s just like not using this Mac for some time. But instead of restoring the database(s) from Time Machine you could also import them from the sync store to this Mac.

That is great news, thanks!

The syncstore is on the iMac, and my Synology NAS saved the Time Machine “sparesbundle” presumably. I have no idea of how to take it out the databases from this folder

The syncstore is on the iMac

Are you using a local sync store for your syncing?

I think it is on the iMac…

Do you recall your sync method?
If the sync store is “on the iMac”, either you’re using a local sync store or Dropbox without remembering to not keep local sync data.

Then I am using a local syncstore, as Dropbox I avoid as per your suggestion :slight_smile:

Then I am using a local syncstore

What sync method are you using for the mobile devices? They can’t use a local sync store, especially one on your Mac.

Even with Bonjour? I am really confused… Then how can I find out where is my sync store where I sync with my other iMac, iPad and two iPhones?

I need to add that I cannot sync now as the iMac is being reinstalled

Bonjour does not use any sync store - local or not. It’s a direct device-to-device sync with no intermediary.

Thank you, it is clear that I dod only direct sync. Now I am not an IT specialist, have no idea how to scripting but have a question: You do not advise using any cloud-based sync store which I can understand. As DT can be used only on Apple devices, instead of a direct bonjour sync (which is probably the safest and fastest) where should I keep my syncstore - which is actually a copy of the database on my iMac?

You’ll see a list of sync locations in the Devonthink settings screen
I use both Bonjour direct, and an iCloud (Cloudkit) sync store

which is actually a copy of the database on my iMac

Not a direct “copy”; the sync-store can only be used for syncing

But it has to be the same as the “main” database(s), no?

Re; syncstore

It has to be the databases you wish to sync
We can have device-only databases

No problem with additional databases
I keep my full databases set as a form of backup (but don’t rely on sync for data backups)

Just to be clear: We don’t say you can’t. We say, it’s best to use it if you actually NEED it. :slight_smile:

PS: In & Out > Sync in the built-in Help and manual discuss all this, including the initial Sync Simplified and Basics and How To subsections there.