Who knows where the saves go?

When I do a daily back-up --manually or automatically (through preferences) – where are the files stored? And how does a daily back-up compare to a “back-up archive…” in scripts?

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Hi, Jeff. The daily backups are saved to Backup folders inside the database.

I use and like the Backup Archive script because it can be easily invoked at break time when I’ve made significant changes to a database and don’t want to wait for a scheduled backup. With a single command it verifies and optimizes the database and produces current internal and external backups.

The external backup is compressed and dated, making it convenient to copy to an external device for additional safeguarding in case of a hard drive failure or the like.

Thank you, Bill. I like the external backup as well, for the same reasons. However, if I goof and miss a day, where and how would I invoke the autobackup to recover the database? It’s not readily apparent from the help menu.

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Just wondering: does the fact that the internal backup is stored within the db pacakge itself have a bearing on the speed with which it opens and with which it operates?


Hi, Gerben. No. The internal Backup folders are not loaded into memory when the database is opened. So that won’t affect responsiveness.

But of course the more internal Backup folders are designated, the larger the file size of the database in the Finder.

Bob, hi. Where and how would I invoke the autobackup to recover the database, if necessary? It’s not readily apparent from the help menu.


From online Help describing Restore Backup in the Tools menu:

"Restore Backup: Restore an internal backup. Choose the backup you want to restore from the dialog window and click Open. You can identify backups by their creation date.

Note: Restoring a backup simply swaps the current database and the backup. The backup becomes the active database, the former database a backup. You’ll never lose any data by using this command."

As to the external archive produced by Backup Archive: If you need to use an archived database, simply double-click on the (dated) file to decompress it, then double-click on the resulting database file to open it under DT Pro or DTPO.

Bill, that’s excellent. I am grateful. I did do some digging but I wasn’t able to find the information without your help. My bad. There’s just so much work to do in a day that picking through a program eats up precious time, as you surely understand. Thank you.


PS I actually keep a spot in DTPro where your replies are kept.

Is there a quick way to grab just one document out of the database, and put it someplace?

I’ve got a bunch of notes and research materials in the database, and the novel manuscript is there too. My habit is to drag a copy of just the novel file (historically a Word .doc) onto my iDisk after every writing session. That way, not only is it backed up offsite, but I can work on it from anywhere, any time, on just about any computer.

I don’t need access to my research when I suddenly find myself with available time at my day job. I just need to be able to open the file and start writing. Is there a quick way to do this by dragging a file, or do I need to go through an export process?