Whooping difference in database size

Happy New Year everyone!
I made it my new year decision to try out DTO2, so yesterday I converted my DTP1 main database. This database was 304 MB in size, and the converted database is a whooping 1,83 GB. Puzzled (and slightly worried) question: Why should the converted database become five times as big as it was before? What does this say about the way the new version of DT manages resources?Thanks.

Interesting. I’ve heard of most going down in size. Mine about halved.

Hmm, that only makes the five-fold increase in my database size seem more mysterious. Any hints, anyone?

What kind of files did you have in your database? I can’t think of any reason why this would happen, and no one else has reported anything even remotely similar.

Nothing unusual—PDFs, RTFs, htm—and that is what is strange.

Anyway, I have news.

In the meantime, I have deleted a couple dozen files previously imported from sites, and I have deleted an archived folder of external PDF files and I then have archived that folder again. (Since I had converted the database, the names of all those PDF files had been switched to numbers, which was also awkward and strange; but now I’m happy to say that their proper names are back.) Then, finally, I have emptied the Trash and exited DTO. And guess what: I found the file size has decreased from 1,9 GB to a homely 467 MB! I still don’t get it, since nothing I have done appears to justify this decrease. (REmember that the folder of PDFs that had lost their proper names resides outside of the database.) So now I’m much happier even though my database remains larger than it was before the conversion… But, this said, I’ve been experimenting with DTO2 and am very happy with what I’ve been finding.