Why are all my DB tags also in the Finder to be found?

I discovered by accident that the tags from my DT databases were also active in the Finder, although all the contents of my DBs are imported and not just indexed.

Is that per design?
I find it weird that somehow “data from DT leaks” into Finder.

(tried to find a forum thread about that but couldn’t find one).

Please provide more information on this. Data doesn’t just “leak into the Finder”.
If you have exported any files from DEVONthink, the tags are also exported to the Finder.

More info:

  • I did not recently export a file from DT (neither through dragndrop nor through some export function).
  • However, Tag groups (I mean the groups that can be used as tags) I created yesterday appear in the tag list in the Finder, among pretty much all my other Tag groups. A detail: this gets my finder tag list to freeze the finder, I have approx. 900 of them.
  • I tried to create one this morning to see if it instantly appeared in the finder tag list, it did not until I added a doc to it, then it did. When I removed the doc from it (leaving the group empty in DT) it was also instantly removed from the tag list in the Finder.

This in a DB that has “create spotlight index” ON.