Why are some titles in blue? (newbie question)

I’m sure this is in the help files somewhere, but I don’t see it. Why are some files that I’ve imported into DTPO listed in blue?
Picture 5.png

These items are duplicates, you imported them twice.

From DT Pro Help:
“Duplicates are simply two copies of the same document. DEVONthink Pro automatically recognizes duplicates and shows them in blue.
Replicants are items that are filed into more than one place in the database at the same time. A replicated document exists only once in the database but it appears in multiple places. DEVONthink Pro shows replicated items in red.”

You may have a look at ‘Building your database’, at the end of that chapter you find the above mentioned and a little bit more. Be sure to understand the difference between duplicates and replicants, you may find useful discussions in the forums too.


One more question. In the case of duplicates, is there any way to determine where a duplicate file is located?

When you are in 3-pane-view and select one of the blue items, the content will be shown in the window below the items-list. In the navigation bar above this context at the right side you find four buttons, click at the second from right, ‘See also’, this will open a drawer with duplicated or similar items. The text shows where you may find them in your database.
Selecting and Cmd – R will reveal it.

Excellent–thanks again. I’m learning lots.

Also see these commands under the Data submenu of the Script Menu:

Script Menu - Data.png
Those and other scripts are briefly described in the Internal Scripts section of the Help documentation.