Why aren't all the Mac Databases showing up in DTG?

Newbie here which is probably the issue…

I originally created a DB on my Mac. Then downloaded the DTG app on my phone and set it up - worked fine. Since then I have created 2 more databases on my Mac but they are not showing up in DTG. Do I have to do something specific to have them show up in DTG? Am I missing a setting?

You should set up sync by using one of the methods described in the user manual. Best is probably Bonjour.


Welcome @JawnyB

Syncing is always optional and a decision YOU make, not the software. So merely creating a database will not make it sync. You need to enable the desired databases to sync then import them to the other device after the sync.


Thank you but how do I do this?

Sync is covered in the Help for each application:

  • For DEVONthink, sync is covered in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync, Preferences > Sync, and Troubleshooting > Sync Issues.
  • For DEVONthink To Go, sync is covered in the ? > Help > Sync your databases section.

There are manuals available here: Manuals

There is a forum post on syncing: Sync Types Explained
There is also one specifically about Bonjour: Bonjour Simplified


Thank you so much for letting me know where to look. Much appreciated.

You’re very welcome.
We’ve made a lot of effort in documenting things for all of you. :slight_smile:

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I’m super excited wrt this tool. Only had it for a month or so. Loving it so far… but lots to learn. I went through the McSparky field guide before I bought the product but thinking of going through it again now that I have some experience with the s/w… thanks again…

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You’re very welcome and we’re happy to hear you’re enjoying it.
And yes, DEVONthink is a deep application with many functions, but getting up and running is a pretty simple process in most cases. The nice thing is there is always more to discover should you wish to dig more deeply.