Why Devonthink 3 indexing file to database is so slow?

1 I indexing some common files (such as doc, jpg…) to database, but the speed is so slow.

2 the number of file is 550 , but the indexing time is more than 20 minutes.
How can I do something to reduce the time?

3 I also found some file which file type is unknown format is not index to the database. How can I index these file to the database?

I index another folder into the database which the number of files is 13759, but the indexing time is 1minutes. why?

I guess if the file type is not known, DT does not know how to index them. Do you know the type of these files? Than adding the correct extension might help.

Also, the size of the files might influence the time to index them.

I found some unknown type is RAR, DWG… I made comparisons between the two index time.

Welcome @terrence

  • Why are you indexing RAR files?

  • Where are you indexing from - networked volumes?

  • As @chrillek asked, what types of files are the unknown format?

RAR is an archive format (kind of dated, too, I think). DT (and any other software) would have to be able to uncompress these archives and then index the files inside themselves. Which in turn would be a bit pointless since you apparently want to index the archive itself - but why?

DWG seems to be Autodesk, which is a CAD program. Again: why would you want to Index that?

Why are you indexing RAR files?
I use devonthink as my MacBook file manager, so rar files is common file type in my files.
I mean sometime I receive some files (ray files among them). Maybe I extract the rar and forget to delete the rar file.
According to the below picture, you can see the rar file in my file folder ( there are many file type).

Where are you indexing from - networked volumes?
No, I index the files in my MacBook’s local hard disk drive.
The number (484) folder an the number (13758) folder is place in the same folder.

As @chrillek asked, what types of files are the unknown format?
*I found mainly the rar and dwg file type. *
The dog is autocad file which is very common in engineering and design.
I don’t think the rar file is main reason which cost more time to index files.
Because the number (13758) folder include some RAR and DWG files, but the index time is only 1 minutes.

the reply is answer

Note: DEVONthink is not a Finder replacement. Check out this blog post…

If you are indexing files and it’s taking a long time, please do this…
When the application is indexing and seeming slow, do a Spotlight search for Activity Monitor . Select our application in the list of processes and press Command-Option-S to run a sample on it. When the sample window opens, press the Save button and save it to your Desktop.

Then open a support ticket and attach this text file to your Support Ticket so we can inspect it. Thanks!

OK, Maybe my method is incorrect. I will record the problem into txt file and provide to support ticket.

I also just bought the DEVONthink Field Guide in macsparky. Hope devonthink can save me from the mess of various files.