Why DevonThink instead of EagleFiler?

I’m testing both and would be interested to hear from the folks on this forum if you would stick with DevonThink over EagleFiler, and why.

Warm regards and thanks.

I own both these and got EagleFiler mainly because I really like SpamSieve (same author) and I hoped it would be a ‘quick and easy’ substitute for DTPO. It has features like ‘add by clicking F1’ and its ‘drop box’ that DTPO lacks.

The main problem I found with EagleFiler is that it can’t cope with anything like the volume of material that DTPO does and it crashes far too often. I think Michael Tsai will improve it and maybe one day it will be what I want. But then of course DTPO (slowly) improves and for me at least is rock solid.

If you want to store a lot of material safely, then it’s DevonThink in one ofrm or another you need.

I like EagleFiler (and love SpamSieve by the same author), too, though I have also had a few stability problems with early versions.
However, I’m not sure that EagleFiler is really a competitor to DevonThink. It’s really a competitor to Yojimbo.
It seems there are two main patterns of use of DevonThink plus Yojimbo/EagleFiler:
People use DT for vast quantities of information on their main subject of interest, e.g. research on environmental policy. DT’s AI features help them drill down to exactly the information they need on subfields within the main topic or field. They use EF or Yojimbo for other snippets of information that are useful to themBecause of their ultra-quick capture functions, people use EF or Yojimbo to capture everything that comes into their computer that is of more than ephemeral interest, without interrupting their current work for more than a few seconds. Later, they take some time to pull the items of most interest into appropriate folders in DT.

I’ll second that. I use DTP for project work; I value the ability to organise information and folders in a structure of my choosing. And no matter how much data I throw at it, DTP is rock solid. AI really surprised me too, once the database reached a reasonable size (currently 2 Gb+).

For personal information and inconsequential snippets I use Yojimbo, precisely for the reasons Rickl detailed. Quick and easy, it suits! EagleFiler never really clicked for me, but that’s just a personal preference issue. Nothing against the program per se.