Why DevonThink over other Apps? What do you use DevonThink for? Feedback for a newbie

I’m planning to move my Second Brain from Apple Notes to something more evolute.
I’ve read about DT here and there, and people really like it.

May I ask you why you prefer DT over other Apps, and what do you use it for?

I’m looking for use cases: I’ve found many videos on YouTube, but would like to hear from your own experience.

Thank you!

BTW: I’m a knowledge worker.
So not an academic researcher, but I work with research to create my projects and curate my information channels.
I deal with webpages, PDFs, manny other content and notes.

As I’m always on the go, I very rely on mobile Apps (iPad, but also iPhone).

You may find this thread helpful for some ideas.



I use Devonthink to store/organize my 20k+ notes/documents
on my Mac (primary) and iPad (supplemental)
My data is sync’d between devices using an iCloud sync store (other methods are supported)

DT makes it easy to backup/export my data
I don’t want to be locked into any app
(you may find exporting from Apple Notes is a problem)

DT is integrated with scripting (Applescript)
This allows for easy addition of features not supported by the base app

File formats are significant for me.
I have no idea of the Apple Notes format, but DT is very clear on identifying the format.
DT has various editor/formats, but will store files of any format and allows for the use of external editors
My preference is the wysiwyg editor and formatted note (html); I switch to an external editor when I need access to the html code.
Markdown seems to be the choice for many DT users

Use Case; Daily journal/dashboard/planner note, and other journal notes
Use Case; Receipt storage, and generation of budget/expense reports
Use Case; Project/Task Managent, ToDo list


Do you mind mentioning what WYSIWYG editor for HTML you use? I’m trying to find one to use alongside DEVONthink, without being complex or expensive.

I’m just using the DT formatted note editor
It provides basic editing features
For extended features I use a text editor app (Textastic)

Thank you for the tip.
I’ve found the thread helpful and insightful, along with some videos.
Learning from use cases always worths the time.

Thank you for the feedback.
As for exporting from Apple Notes: you can export each note to PDF, but if you have a Mac you can download the Exporter App (from the MacStore).

It allows you to export all the notes (you can’t choose, it’s all or nothing) to Markdown files, along with images and PDFs if some note has them.

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