Why do PDF annotations not show in inspector when highlighting PDF in browser?

My workflow involves highlighting text and adding notes to hundreds of PDF files and then collecting all these highlights and notes to use in review and writing. I do the highlighting with DTTG on an iPad and that works great.

I’ve been very happy to be able to grab a Markdown text of these highlights when I complete reading a text.

Now I am wishing that I could see all the highlights of the documents in a group at once. I see that you can see the highlighted text in the inspector when you open a pdf file in its own window… this is great. But I also notice that when you select that same document in the browser (is this the right term? the main window) these highlights do not show up in the same spot on the inspector there. Shouldn’t they? And if they do, would annotations from all documents currently selected not be presented there, collated?

Image attached shows annotations showing in document view but not in inspector for the browser while same document is selected.

They will be shown if you open a view for the document in the main window (currently you have only selected the record but its content isn’t displayed).

Yes – I observed that. My question is why they are not shown in the inspector when a document is selected there. Why have the view present in the inspector for the browser if you don’t show the information?

Again: it feels strongly indicated by the UI that not only will these highlights and annotations be shown, but that they would be aggregated by a multi-selection. I can see that this is not the case, but it feels like a rough edge and a lack of functionality that would be welcomed and useful.

No the Document inspector will not show the annotations of multiple selected items. This behavior is true of almost all the inspectors.

I am struggling with this as well as it feels broken/buggy to not show annotations of a selected item in the main window:

Is it a technical reason due to highlights not being in the metadata and file needing to be open to read them? If so, is there any icon/demarkation to show that a PDF in DT has highlights?

It’s not a bug.

A selected item isn’t a displayed item. Those are two different concepts. Annotations are references to specific pages or sections of text so there is a visual context to them. Selecting an annotation jumps to and displays it in place in the document. No view/edit pane means there’s nothing to visually jump to.

Development would have to assess a change in the behavior.

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Sorry for reviving old thread… best I could find from the search function.

What is the recommended method to accomplish collection of annotations across multiple PDF’s? My workflow also involves highlighting multiple PDF’s then reviewing the highlights later. Currently I am generating a .MD file from the highlights the copy/paste into a large note to review them all at once but this is a little kludgy. Would be great to just see all highlights from all .pdf’s in a given folder/group. Any way to accomplish this?

Welcome @klinerj

Tools > Summarize Highlights > …

Thanks. That’s what I was doing. Sort of… I was doing tools > summarize highlights for each .pdf

I just realized you can do this for the entire group and the result is a summary document. Not sure why I never thought to try that. Saves me the tedious task of doing each .pdf on its own.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: