Why does automator think there is no dvt window open

Basic Problem: When running an automator workflow I get an error message saying dvt cannot select a group because

I don’t understand why I’m getting this error since DVT is open and I assume it should be accessible for automator actions, but apparently not.
I’m looking for help in understand how to select the group I want for a specific email.

I’m building a routine to put pdf files in specific database depending on the information contained in the pdf.
Most of the process appears to be working with the exception of this problem with selecting the appropriate group.
The steps in my process are as follows:
“Find Finder Items” is used to select the items in question
“Get Selected Finder Items” selects the items to pass it to the next step in the workflow
“Open Database” . This seemed like a redundant step but I included it to make sure the database was available.
“Set Current Group”. I think this is where the problem is occurring but I don’t understand why.
“Add Items to Current Group” should import the selected item into the appropriate group.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Get rid of Open Database and it will work. (Just tested and confirmed this.)