Why does DEVONsphere keep asking for permissions and freeze? The directories where I want it to search info are specified in Preferences

Why does DEVONsphere constantly keep asking for permissions and freeze (pops up dialogs behind the main Application window)? Also, there is no way to force-close the Application, but to kill it from Activity Monitor. The directories where I want the Application to access/search for information are specified in the Preferences. It would be nice to be able to specify exactly which directories I want the Application to look and not be bothered by the popup windows asking to give the Full Disk Access to the system. Thank you.

That sounds like macOS Monterey?

Have you actually given DS Full Disk Access?

it was getting pretty annoying to see the popup every 10 seconds “DS does not have the Full Disk Access”… so I allowed it once – it did not help, so I removed its access from the Privacy in the System Setting, and Quit the application. I still haven’t figured out the pattern of when / how DS ends up freezing… So, I stopped using it, for now.

You need to give full disk access and restart the application.

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Are you one of the DS developer?
I don’t want to give any full disk access – would you give your house key for unspecified reasons to a stranger?

You can identify the team at DEVONtech by the additional green nautilus on their forum icon. So “no” is the answer to that question.

Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with that notion, in some cases that would seem to be your only choice. So whilst I would, for example, prefer to have more granular control over what DEVONthink can access (as a matter of principle; using DT here rather than DS, which I don’t use) it would actually be pretty academic. And that choice simply isn’t there. There are other examples, including backup software. I fear that more granular choice would be a total nightmare to support. Quite apart from the fact that DS is advertised as DEVONsphere finds precisely the items you’re looking for on your Mac. If it’s there, you’ll know in no time. - that’s a promise hardly to be kept without disk access.

I had a much harder time with myself when I had to grant ScanSnap FDA…

No. But I would let EMS in if I were sick. So I manage risk based on a risk-benefit analysis. As we all do, many times every day.


Welcome @Vincenzo

Yes, you should be giving DEVONsphere Express Full Disk Access, just as you should for EasyFind or DEVONthink, should you choose to use those applications of ours.

Our apps have always had this level of access, a level required for the best functionality. Apple changed things, forcing the user to give explicit permission for something we’ve always had. Regarding the functionallity, something simple like importing Safari’s bookmarks in DEVONthink now require such access.

No, I’m not. I’m a heavy user of DT (not DS), and the solution for your problem is that.

Do you put locks in all rooms of your house when you have a visit?

Hi Blanc,

  • I am obviously new here – thanks about the “green nautilus icon” – I didn’t know.
  • It might be more efficient (conserve resource use) to limit the folder(s) where DS is set to seek for “hidden” info on my Mac – there is no need for DS to be looking through the system files, purchase histories, or contact information. It is really unnecessary and seems wasteful…
  • I do not intend to use DS for EMS.

I don’t use EasyFind for the same reason, but use DEVONThink as it seems to behave differently – it does not demand to grant full disk access every 10 seconds (it remembers my first answer to ‘Deny’).

I’ve used DT/DA since the first release over a decade ago, and have not been harassed to give the full disk access every 10 seconds by the application (unlike what DS does today).

I have never seen that on Apple’s macOS with any app, including DEVONthink. My only suggestion in “Security and Privacy” in System Settings, you ensure DEVONthink that “DEVONthink 3.app” is on the list for Full Disk Access. If not, add it. If there already, toggle it off, then put back on again.

To answer your “why” part of the question, I haven’t a clue. Apple might know.

No, but I will put my clothes on, and won’t feel comfortable if a stranger were peeking into my pants…

Our software isn’t peeking into anyone’s pants or their purchase histories, etc. If you choose to distrust the software, simply don’t run it as running it in a semi-crippled state will likely not provide the required functionality.


Follow up question: How do I uninstall DEVONsphere Express? The online instructions say to “please refer to the built-in help, Read Me section.” But I can’t even do that because the application is always frozen. As soon as I move my mouse over it, it turns into a perpetual spinning pinwheel.

Just remove the app and the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONsphere Express.

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