Why does my inbox still show items I have deleted?

I don’t understand why my inbox shows items I have moved to the trash. That seems very counterintuitive. I just want to see the items I haven’t trashed. Is there some way to do this? And why does it work this way at all?

As you say, that is counterintuitive. It is also not the way DT behaves for me - if I put something in trash, then that is where it is. Would you mind providing more details - which version of DT are you using and what steps exactly are you performing? If using DT3, then which inbox? Global or database specific?

Thanks for your response! I went back to try this again, and discovered that the problem was the documents were not being moved to the trash after all. I was trying to delete 5 duplicate documents by selecting them all and hitting delete. I had the sound off on my laptop, and so didn’t know that I was getting a beep indicating that the command didn’t work. Therefore, of course, the documents stayed in the Inbox. When I deleted them one at a time, it worked as expected.

So now I have a different question: is there some reason I can’t delete a set of items from the inbox at one time?

I can’t replicate that finding either; I have just marked four documents, pressed delete and they were moved to trash; a warning dialogue opened first, asking whether I really wanted to delete the files (that presumably would not be the case if I had ever checked the “don’t ask this again” box). None of the files were locked. All were in my global inbox. I’m using DT 3.0.4.

Again, it might be useful to have more details. Which version of DT are you using? Where are the files (global vs database inbox)? When you say duplicates, I presume that is what you mean, rather than replicates? Just trying to figure out what is different in your neck of the woods compared to what I am seeing. Anybody else having this?

Well, I have no idea what was going on before, but I can’t replicate that problem now, either. I know it happened, but I have no idea why, nor why it’s not happening now. :man_shrugging:

I’m feeling a bit foolish at this point, and I’m really sorry for wasting your time with this. If it starts happening again, I’ll get back to you. Hopefully I won’t have to bother you again! I really appreciate your taking the time to help me sort this out!

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Well, that is most certainly the best type of problem - one that goes away all of its own accord. The whole point of the community is that we help one another – I don’t feel you’ve wasted my time and I’m pleased to hear that everything is working again. Post back any time – you’ll find there are always people here ready to help.