Why does the Tags hierarchy view not show items that inherit tags from groups?

My database properties are thus:

In the Tags hierarchy, I have various tags and subtags. Example: content typedefinition:

But I have many more documents tagged with that tag than the 89 that are showing up in the Tags hierarchy view. Example: I have a “Glossary” group in the same database, and there are 112 of those:

It turns out the discrepancy is because I put the definition tag on the -Glossary- group itself. If I remove that tag from the group, and make sure to tag the individual items with the definition tag, then the total counts match.

Is there a setting that controls this behavior? Is there a way to make the Tags hierarchy show items that are implied to belong by virtue of inheriting tags present on parent groups?

The current behavior strikes me as confusing. Since the Tag hierarchy is generated dynamically by DEVONthink anyway, it seems that it could just as easily show membership implied by tag inheritance, and not solely from explicit tagging. (That was my expectation, anyway.)

If the current behavior has some advantages, I’d be interested in learning about them.

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There are no such options, the Tags group shows only the directly assigned tags.

I’m with @mhucka here, but in a slightly different use case, concerning the Tags Overview. The Tags overview doesn’t show any Group Tags. But when I create a smart Rule with ‘Kind is Tag’ and ‘Item contains data’ it shows all the tags - including group tags. It would be useful (logical?) if the standard Tags Overview would show Group Tags as well - or maybe it could be a configurable setting?

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