Why doesn't DTPO clip from a *local* html or webarchive?

user story:

  • Open any locally stored html or webarchive (created by DTPO or Safari) in Safari.
  • Try to clip it with ‘Clip to DEVONthink 1.2.2’ installed.
  • Keyboard shortcut won’t trigger the clipping process, won’t jump to DTPO with ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ dialog open.
  • ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ icon in the Safari toolbar is unclickable / greyed out. (Won’t work in Chrome, too)

Why can’t I clip a webpage if it is stored on my disk?

Why do I want to do this?
If I try to clip to pdf medium.com/design-ux/25545f6cb161, DTPO produces a useless empty pdf containing only an “M” logo graphic.
But I can save that webpage as .webarchive in Safari or DTPO so there is no webserver that could block DTPO from fetching the content. At least that was what I thought…

Clip to DEVONthink can have limitations on a secure site, as it needs to reload the page and may not be allowed to do so.

Workarounds in addition to saving the page as WebArchive:

  1. Print as PDF, using the option to save the PDF to DEVONthink. That works, although capture of this page as PDF doesn’t present the links to options for viewing the video links on the Web page.

  2. Select the page content in Safari and press Command-) to capture as rich text. In this case, the rich text capture will be more than twice as large as the PDF capture, because it includes a number of links not provided in the PDF capture.

  3. Select the page content in Safari and press Command-% to capture as WebArchive. This will be a faithful capture of the page, including images of the videos that are linked or embedded. It will be a still larger file (4 MB). The advantage of capturing as WebArchive of the selected area, compared to saving the page as WebArchive, is that the HUD to allow choice of database/group is available (if Preferences > Import - Destination is set to Select group).

Good question. I’ve often wondered the same thing. (It’s not much of a question of security; not if it’s a self-contained local image.)

I generate lots of local “websites” from various authoring applications or local servers I use. I want to clip parts of those “sites” just as I do on for the real internet. It doesn’t matter why. However having the DEVONthink clipper non-functional when the URL is “file://” or the URL is “localhost” – just to mention a couple of possible cases – isn’t helpful.

I don’t disagree with korm.

To tell the truth, I rarely use Clip to DEVONthink, because I rarely want to copy an entire Web page, and I usually prefer capture of just the desired content on an HTML page as rich text.

The same workarounds noted for a secure site page apply to a local host page.

I used three capture modes for that page: PDF, rich text and WebArchive. The rich text capture held the most information, including alternative links for video resolution, but not very attractively. The WebArchive was a faithful capture of the page and the most visually attractive but was much larger in file size. The PDF capture held the least information about page content.