Why doesn't sync store show update in finder?

I am having some sync issues, so this is a quick question before I clean my sync locations.

I have a local sync store location on an external SSD. I (want to) use this to sync DTP3 on Mac A (home/main) with DTP3 Mac C (office).

I plug in the SSD on Mac A and click the little sync cloud button (after it becomes clickable). But, the sync store location on the SSD does not show any update following the sync. Although, the sync location in the DT3 preferences panel does show that the databases in the sync store were updated.

As expected, when I tried syncing Mac C from the SSD sync location, it did not update. However, there were no log warnings (like Items to be Uploaded, etc).

I’ve had sync issues prior (similar to others) where items waiting to be uploaded have stopped the sync.
Once, I solved the issue by verifying not only the database but the sync location as well.
However, this morning I was having similar issues. I.e., sync still not syncing, despite verifying both database AND sync location, and despite no items showing up following the item:pending search command.

So, the questions are:

  • If the sync store does not indicate updates in the finder, does that mean the sync store location will not be updated, despite DT saying it has been updated in the sync preferences window?

  • could there be another reason why the Mac C didn’t receive the sync from Mac A despite using an (supposedly) updated sync store location?

  • should I clean the sync store on Mac A, create a new sync store on the SSD, delete the Mac C database then import and sync afresh from the new sync store location?

The modification date of the sync store only changes after adding/removing databases to/from the sync store or cleaning the sync store. Otherwise all operations happen in database-specific subfolders of the sync store.