Why have multiple databases?

Can someone explain what are the advantages (and disadvantages) of having a single database or multiple databases with DevonThink Pro?

Notes: My main use of DevonThink Pro will be for writing academic papers and posts on my blog that draw upon a variety of topics. For everyday items that are unrelated to anything I will write, such as receipts, home repair, and so on, I plan to use Yojimbo.

You’ll probably have more success perusing the DT/DN Usage forums for the ‘Why’ type questions rather than than posting in the Tips & Tricks forum. There is a lot of helpful information there, including this thread on database strategy.

Thanks for the link and the info. I have found some good posts over there on this topic.

Two (relatively easy?) changes I’d make that could help make it easier to choose which forum to post under:

• Move Tips & Tricks above Scripts (under both DN/DT and DA categories)
• Some simple changes to forum descriptions, like I suggested awhile ago