Why I stopped using Evernote and switched to DT

Some thoughts about abandoning Evernote and switching to the coolest ‘knowledge manager’ (as I call it :wink: on our wondeful planet :wink:

  1. If you love Evernote syncing, then well, prepare yourself for some problems after reaching a bigger count of notes. My lists of Evernote notes on the Mac client, web interface and iPhone client were totally inconsistent. Some of them were visible in web only, some of them were available on my Mac only… total mess.

That’s why I’d rather expect from DT to do the sync thing (between Macs or Macs/web/iPhone) RIGHT even if it will take longer to implement this new feature.

  1. The same applies to search issues. My Evernote database contained over 1000 notes (mostly PDFs and some ‘rich text’ notes if we can call it this way - Evernote uses a cryptic pseudo-XML format which destroys the original layout of data, ehm…). Each search attempt simply caused a total hanging of the Mac client. Web searches were fast. But, well, I don’t need a Mac client which simply does NOT work, do I? :wink:

DT is extremely fast. I imported all my notes with Evernote->DT scripts. Each search takes about 0,2 sec. No hanging. No problems. It’s really cool!

  1. Support for all file formats. I love the idea of the current DT database format. Each file is stored as-is. No conversion happens. You may think it’s not that important but well, it is.

Try to export Evernote data to some other software like I did when migrating from Evernote to DT.

Another important thing - Evernote guys want to give us the possibility to store all our files on their serveres. But the way they solved it is really funny. My pages or Numbers documents get zipped before importing them to Evernote. I’m unable to edit them immediately. I have to drag them out to my Mac disk, unzip them, make some changes, then reimport. Sorry, this is ridiculous!

DT lets me edit EACH file by simply opening it with an external app (Cmd+Ctrl+O). Directly. I do some changes, then save them. And it’s there! Works great for all my invoices, office stuff… and also for my Skim PDFs which I love to annotate. All the annotations and highlights stay visible inside DT.

And oh, the templates. I create lots of documents using the templates. invoices for customers, some reports. Template feature is really brilliant in DT! Try it.

  1. Scanning of paper documents. Evernote does not integrate with my Canon scanner. I had to do some workarounds to fix that.

  2. iPhone client? Well, I own an Iphone. But I expect my iP apps not to crash after starting them and doing a search. Maybe my Evernote database was too big? Or maybe the Evernote devs can’t do their work right? :wink:

DT team -> please prepare an iPhone client but please, take your time. :wink:

  1. The DT AI - sorting my inbox is a pure pleasure. Classify feature is awesome. I’ll surely appreciate tagging in DT but right now the DT folders metaphor is sufficient for me. It works great with the classifying algorithms of DT.

DT is not free. But it’s worth its money! I’ll buy a licence next month - I’ve already decided.

Thanks for the kudos :smiley:

Agreed. I recently switched from Evernote. One of the biggest reasons was the way they handle my data and how hard it is to get it out. The search capabilities were not that hot.

I am very happy with DT, though there is one improvement I’d suggest… it would be nice to have a firefox plugin to clip to DT. This was really a cool thing about Evernote and FF.

That said, DT rocks big time.